Racheal Athiak Makuei

Racheal Athiak Makuei (Kenya) was born in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. Rachel, a graduate of law from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, is currently in pursuit of employment while actively engaging in volunteer work with organizations such as Mastercard Foundation and World Service of Canada (WUSC). Her commitment lies in advocating for equal opportunities for refugees to contribute to their communities. Rachel aspires to establish her own law firm, aiming to create opportunities for young people and provide legal support to refugees in need. For Rachel, attaining her current level of education as a refugee has been a journey marked by numerous obstacles. Volunteering allows her to share the collective stories of refugees and advocate for their needs. Additionally, she actively participates in initiatives like the Kenya Model United Nations conferences and serves on the Displaced and Refugees Youth Enabling Environment Mechanism advisory team. Rachel is dedicated to advocating for improved policies benefiting refugee students. In her leisure time, she finds joy in reading, watching movies, traveling, and crocheting. Rachel also manages a small clothing business alongside her pursuits.