Projects and Services

Caribou Space

We’re supporting the UK Space Agency’s multi-million pound, five-year ODA initiative, the International Partnership Programme. Now with 30 projects across 35 countries, the programme demonstrates the vital role the space sector plays in improving lives across developing countries.

We also support European Space Agency’s Earth Observation for Sustainable Development programme to bring satellite technology into global development aid operations.

Measurement and impact services

We support clients by designing and implementing best-in-class measurement, learning, and evaluation systems.

We build and run systems to support strategy, optimization, learning processes, and impact measurement, provide technical advisory services to scope new systems or enhance existing systems, and design and execute bespoke evaluations.

Strive Community

Small businesses are engines of economic growth and the key to an inclusive recovery. Yet many are struggling to adapt to rapid digital transformation in the wake of the pandemic. Strive Community, a global initiative launched by Caribou Digital and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, will equip five million small business owners with innovative digital solutions that unleash their potential as catalysts of inclusive growth.

Is identity innovation inclusive? Making digital wallets work for people on the move and wider society

A project funded by The Robert Bosch Foundation

A research project to inform policy and technology design. As governments around the world step up to regulate artificial intelligence and biometrics, a different class of technology aims to disrupt digital identity: digital wallets. This project aims to advance migrants’ identification needs in digital identity wallet policy and technology design.

Platform Livelihoods

By supporting digital marketplaces, search and advertising, and even social media, digital platforms are changing how individuals around the world find and do work, and how small enterprises and farmers connect with markets. What are the experiences of individual workers and sellers as their livelihoods change? And what are the implications for digital development? Check out this project site for an in-depth look at platform livelihoods.

Skills for a Digital Age

Skills are a core component of the future of work all over the world. Especially in emerging markets. This project explores how societies can adjust to equip workers with the skills they need to access meaningful work. We do not focus on “digital skills”, but rather, on the skills required for a digital age. This project highlights the roles and opportunities for development organizations, companies, and third party training institutions.

The Mastercard Foundation’s FIDA Partnership

FIDA Partnership works to promote meaningful financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa by synthesizing knowledge across the digital finance sector, conducting research and identifying how it affects the diverse stakeholders in this space.

Identity in a Digital Age

Digital identification systems play a critical role in the development of ethical, sustainable digital economies and societies. Caribou Digital has developed a holistic, multi-level perspective on such systems, joining contextual insights on user practices, an understanding of business models and technical innovation, and an awareness of changing country-level policy landscapes. Where others may focus on discrete identification systems, this perspective helps us see how complex, thriving national and regional identification ecosystems can be made more inclusive and effective, while protecting and promoting an individual’s agency, dignity, and privacy. We have worked on research for clients such as the Omidyar Network, DFID, World Bank, Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade and UNICEF. Our research has taken us to users in countries such as India, Lebanon, Côte d’Ivoire, Jordan, Uganda and Brazil.

Explore some of our Identities work below:

Caribou Data

Caribou Data offers a new way to look at the nuance and complexity of how people engage with digital products and services in day-to-day life. Using anonymous, device-level data, we help our clients to better understand how the consumers they care about get online, communicate, use apps, consume content, make financial transactions, and more.

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