This report is a topical overview analysis carried out by the M&E and Impact Assessment (GDA
M&E) (GDA M&E) activity, under the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Global Development Assistance (GDA) programme. Which is a global partnership to mainstream the use of Earth Observation (EO) into development operations, implemented in cooperation with major International Financial Institutions (IFIs).
To foster adoption and accelerate impact, GDA focuses on targeted Agile EO Information Development (GDA AID) applied to thematic priority sectors; one of these sectors is clean energy.
This report outlines the main issues, the status of clean energy in the development sector and the
resulting relevance and opportunities for the Space for IDA cooperation framework.
The document aims both to inform IFIs of the potential use of EO data to develop and implement
clean energy interventions and strategies, and to make the GDA AID Clean Energy consortium
aware of the initiatives and practices for clean energy already in place in IFIs. GDA Clean Energy
has recently started and will continue to expand and delve deeper into the subject.

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