The global agriculture sector faces many challenges today, many of which are more acute in developing countries. Low agricultural production remains a major issue for the agriculture sector in developing countries and is a contributing factor to on-going
hunger and malnutrition in these countries. Concurrently, the growing demand for food and
decreasing availability of land for farming caused by global population growth is a major issue.
Unpredictable and extreme weather patterns, loss of land and changes in growing conditions caused by climate change presents significant challenges for the agriculture industry globally. Access to natural resources such as land and water is under increasing pressure and the unsustainable use of such resources is a major challenge for the agriculture industry.
Urgent action is needed to tackle these issues, and innovation and collaboration between industries and countries across the globe is more important than ever. This report outlines why and how the space industry has a critical role to play in addressing major challenges confronting the agriculture sector in developing economies. The primary audience is the agriculture sector in developing countries, and it is written as an introductory primer on the role of space in agriculture

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