Skills for a Digital Age

Skills are a core component of the future of work all over the world. Especially in emerging markets.

As gig work, automation, global connectivity and artificial intelligence transform every economic sector, the skills required to participate in the global economy are changing. This project casts an intentionally wide net, exploring how societies can adjust to equip workers with the skills they need to access meaningful work. These skills are critical enablers, of people’s capacity to provide for their families and their future, of companies’ ability to thrive, and of broad economic growth as countries transition to digital economies.

We do not focus on “digital skills”, but rather, on the skills required for a digital age.

See our latest work on Platform-Led Transformational Upskilling.

Project Goals

  1. To investigate the changing skills landscape – to sketch out ‘skills for a digital age’
  2. To build communities of practice around this topic to inspire new collaborations between the development sector and companies driving new modes of income generation

Platform-Led Transformational Upskilling

Our first project within Skills for a Digital Age is “Platform Led Transformational Upskilling”, which explores how marketplace platforms are investing in upskilling the workers and small-scale vendors active on their websites because it’s necessary for their businesses to succeed. Sometimes this training results in skills that workers can use both on and off the platform and that play a transformational role in their livelihoods. This project is supported by the Mastercard Foundation, which has named Young Africa Works as its overarching goal and strategy for the next decade. Learn more about Platform-Led Transformational Upskilling on our website and read the full white paper here.

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