Elise Montano

Director of Measurement & Impact

"Understanding impact isn't just about measuring 'what changed', but also understanding why it happened and what combination of things contributed to it. I help projects to map that change process to understand what makes a programme or approach work - and what doesn't. What makes me excited about working for Caribou Digital is the opportunity to apply impact measurement to the digital world to enable the transformational power of digital on people's lives."

Elise is Director of Measurement & Impact at Caribou Digital. She has worked at the intersection of the monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL), research, data and digital worlds for over 10 years. Elise has conducted and overseen evaluations of all sizes, from small projects to large multi-country programmes. Most recently, her work often focuses on designing project measurement systems across many sectors including agriculture, disaster resilience, forestry and environmental pollution. She plays a lead role in creating and implementing the programme MEL framework for the UK Space Agency's International Partnership Programme for Caribou Space. Prior to joining Caribou Digital Elise worked with international NGOs like Oxfam and Greenpeace to design MEL frameworks and implement evaluations. Elise holds a BA in Global Development from Queen's University (Canada), and an MA in International Development from the Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University of Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Elise is currently based in Bristol, UK.

Contact them at: elise@cariboudigital.net

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