Laura Litaba

Project Coordinator

At Caribou, I thrive on teamwork and seeing projects through. But what truly fuels my passion is our mission. We empower not just businesses, but each other, creating a global, inclusive network where everyone can grow and contribute.

Laura Litaba is Project Coordinator at Caribou Digital, playing a pivotal role in propelling team success through adept management of administration tasks. Her diverse skill set encompasses calendar management, meticulous data entry, management of social media analytics, digital communication, comprehensive research capabilities, database management, travel coordination, and event planning/management. Engaged in the Strive Community, Caribou Digital Institute, and Women's Economic Empowerment projects, Laura collaborates across various departments, including Measurement & Evaluation, Program Management, Fund Management, Event Management, Digital Communications, and Insight. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, she is a dedicated project manager in training, amassing over 5 years of expertise in administration roles, notably as an executive assistant to CEOs, project managers, and business owners. Laura holds a BA in Communication, specialising in Public Relations, from Daystar University, Nairobi.

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